Head Of Company: Zachary Sweebe

When I worked as a freelance web designer, I provided counsel for clients in need of a professional insight into their website problems, ranging from simple redesign efforts to full-scale online promotion initiatives. Over the years, I noticed an ever-widening disconnect between business and technology. Few people remembered that a good website is built to facilitate commerce, not hinder it. Once I saw that many business owners were spending more money running their website than their business, I knew something had to be done.

When I established Caulfield & Co. LLC, I had a dream of channeling the combined experiences of my associates in the tech-consulting industry in a way that would help local businesses in a new and exciting way. I wanted to provide customized technology services to every client that we touched, because I knew that every business owner had a vision for the future, and I believed that their vision should never be deferred due to technological challenges. Today, I am pleased to see that dream coming to life through each of our client’s success stories. In preparing each website, we consult numerous programmers, graphic designers, and aesthetic experts in order to present unique solutions that are tailor-made for to our client’s needs. Our designs are as beautiful as they are functional, and our client’s constant satisfaction tells us that we’re doing something different, something special.

In the future, I hope to get out and grow more local businesses for our community. Seeing a client’s local business blossom into a success brings a unique kind of joy that I have yet to find anywhere else.