Client Testimonials

The New Indian Ridge Museum

I have known Zack Sweebe since the fourth grade. He has not only become a good friend but an invaluable contributor to my private museum, the New Indian Ridge Museum. As the Museum has continued to grow and preserve important local and regional history, our board and contributors have increasingly felt that a website would act as an important tool to show the interested public who we are; what we are doing for the community; and what our plans are for the future.

Over the years, Zack has worked diligently to found Caulfield Co. and craft it into a well-respected web design and creative consulting business. He is an extremely efficient worker who can navigate computers and the web in an astonishing way. Choosing Zack’s services will leave you with a website that will grow and change with your business needs. Having an idea going into the design stage seemed to help the beginning process quite well, but even without a clear idea for a website, Zack can effectively execute well-designed templates for you to choose from. I therefore highly recommend Zack and his Caulfield and Co. to anyone who wants to create an effective website for your company or self-interest.

Col. Matt Nahorn
New Indian Ridge Museum Dog Gifts:

Zachary helped me start my online business by designing a website template, selecting my eCommerce software platform, assisting with logo development and branding, creating a blog and linking both the website and blog with social networking sites. Zachary is efficient and the quality of his work was excellent with great attention to detail. His knowledge of eCommerce and social networking is impressive and his customer support was superb. I felt confident that I could call Zachary any time I had a question with the confidence that he’d be there with an answer.

Great Work!
Bonnie Sweebe Dog Gifts


Born To Fly – Author Michael Ferrari:

Zack is sharp and smart, Clear and concise, On-time and on-target.
He’s intuitive, open source and bug-free. And competitively priced too.
A real best buy.

Michael J Ferrari


Saratoga Childcare Online:

I hired Mr. Sweebe to create a website for my company and from start to finish he has been very professional and courteous in every interaction I have had with him. The work quality was excellent and exactly what I wanted. As far as value, his price was less than one tenth of what some other web designers were quoting me. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a website designer or similar work done.

Konan Kile
Saratoga Childcare Online


Pawsitively Good Pup & Happy At Home Petsitting:

Zack Sweebe is a fantastic Web Guru. I contacted him for help designing one web site and updating and transferring another one. His work was fresh, interesting, attractive and just as important prompt and very reasonably priced. He handled a lot of complicated rigamarole getting the existing site transferred form one host to another. He was able to communicate with me in a way that I could understand even with my woeful ignorance, never seemed impatient with my questions, and was readily available to help when I needed guidance. The sites are great and will definitely enhance my business. His service was exemplary. I am perfectly satisfied and will certainly use him for any Internet work that I may have in the future.

Cindy Hoppes
Pawsitively Good Pup & Happy At Home Petsitting


Matt Tasker Merchant Services:

Zack Sweebe and I share mutual customers and he has proven to be a pleasure to work with. My customers are very satisfied with his fees, the quality of his work, his ability to problem solve, and his turnaround times. Zack has proven to be a bright, responsible, and affordable resource for myself and our mutual customers.

Matt Tasker
Saratoga Childcare Online


Moonstruck Coffee:

It has been a pleasure working with Caulfield & Co. Zachary Sweebe and his company have done a remarkable job building my website. Their work is very professional and timely as my website speaks for itself. I could have never imagined myself working with anyone else, even if it the most successful online store in the world!!! Yes, we believe that Mr. Sweebe and his companions at have the natural “touch” and not many artists these days have that. It is so difficult these days to make your imagination “come alive” especially when the “paint brush” is not in your own hands. However, Mr. Sweebe proved this theory wrong!!! Anything you can “imagine” will be right in front of you, when it comes to building websites. Of course life is always a learning process, even for the greatest of all teachers and professors of any nation. But at such an early stage, Mr. Sweebe has stepped out towards world fame and we will be sure to hear his name on the wall of fame and fortune very soon.
I thank you for giving my website the ability to be “touched by your excellence”. Your service has earned you a 10 out of 10 for your overall services.

Sadat Khan
C.E.O of Moonstruck Coffee


Executive Sweets:

We at Executive Sweets specialize in creating gourmet Chocolate Sweets. We, on the other hand, know very little about technology and more specifically the internet; so, last year when we took the company over, we had very little time to launch our site before our busy season and we choose to put up a quick site. We did it in-house and it looked like it.
This summer, we contacted Caulfield & Co and had them redesign our entire site. They helped us every step of the way. They consulted with us and helped us pick a more proper site host (saving us money, and giving us more functionality) and helped change shopping cart hosts, allowing us to add functionality that we didn’t have before.
Initially, we were very nervous, but the entire team handled the project quickly, thoroughly, and walked us through each step.
We just launched our new site a few weeks ago and we are very pleased with the site’s look, feel, and functionality. We feel like the team captured the essence of our company and is allowing us to represent our brand in a very professional manner.

I would highly recommend Zack and the Caulfield & Co team

Jeff Williamson
Executive Sweets