Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a new website?


The single quality that separates a good website from a great website is harmony: a website should be an organic extension of your company’s core vision, and should work to communicate your message to each potential client, every single time. If your website does not communicate your message, if it looks outdated and needs to be updated, or if it simply isn’t being integrated into Social Media channels, then your website is not in harmony. A rule of thumb: if you’ve been using the same site for the past 3+ years, it’s time to update.

Do I need a web designer to do the job?


Hiring a web designer is a choice that is dependent on the degree that you wish to change your website. You may have enough knowledge to edit your existing website’s content, but most people do not possess enough technical skill, time, or experience to manage a full-scale redesign. A web designer, or ideally a web design firm, is able to handle the entire project from concept to finished product, providing you with the end tools that you need to manage your website more efficiently.

How much does a website cost? How long will it take to finish?


Like any other project, the price and timetable vary depending on the needs of the client.
The major determinants are:
• The scope of the project
• The designer’s past experience and reliability
• The overall creativity of the designer
• The quality of the work provided
• The technology needed to complete the project
• The marketing services requested
In this way, an individual looking for a simple one-page website will obviously be charged far less than the larger company looking for an all-in-one corporate eCommerce solution. Also, a company that selects a designer based on price alone may get a low price, but sacrifices the designer’s quality, reliability, experience, and accountability in order to do so. For this reason, it is important to select the right designer for your needs.

How do I go about picking the right designer for me?


Choosing a web designer or design firm can be a difficult task, as the internet gives you access to thousands of these businesses, making it difficult to differentiate the candidates. If you do decide to interview for the project, it is important to evaluate each candidate for the following factors:

• The scope of the project
• The project’s estimated budget
• The overarching vision of the website
• The technologies used for the website
• The candidate’s portfolio of past work
• The candidate’s experience with similar jobs
• The candidate’s overall project accountability
• The candidate’s ability to adapt to problems

Why should I choose Caulfield & Co for my website?


With over five years of experience in business-based web design, we are confident in our ability to bring new and innovative ideas to the table. Every member on our staff comes to the job with experiences in marketing, aesthetics and design, so that we can balance creative ideas with practical application. We are frequently called to provide counsel for clients who need professional insight into their website problems, ranging from simple redesign efforts to full-scale online promotion initiatives, and we channel these experiences into each design we make. We develop customized websites that fit the identity of our client’s company, and we provide full support for our websites once they are online. If a website hits a rough patch, or if our client wants a feature that doesn’t already exist, our team of 40 programmers are standing ready to develop a customized program to fit your needs. Our customers have always been satisfied with our final product, and our experience ranges from simple websites to complex eCommerce stores. No other firm can balance the quality of services that we provide with the level of customer attention that we give.

Will we need to have a meeting in connection with the website design?


It is strongly preferred that we hold a meeting to determine your exact needs and company identity so that we can create a website that will serve your needs while effectively communicating your brand to your visitors. You may have some questions regarding the project, and these meetings are ideal for addressing them. After all, the more we learn about your company, the better prepared we will be to serve you. Please contact us to set up a meeting and discover what we can provide for you.

How does an eCommerce website work? Is it for me?


An eCommerce website is an online store that allows you to sell your goods or services online. Combined with Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, an eCommerce website grants your company instant global exposure, drastically increasing the number of interested clients and raising your sales and brand awareness along with it. With years of experience in this field, we at Caulfield and Co are confident in advising you about your eCommerce needs. Please contact us for more details.

How many pages can I have on my website?


There is no limit to the number of pages that you can create, thanks to our advanced Content Management System.

What is a Content Management System?


A Content Management System (or CMS) is an online tool that allows the owner to quickly change the content of the website from any device connected to the internet. This means that when the website is completed, you can keep the content updated with the latest information about your company anytime and anywhere you choose.

Who owns the website once the website design is completed?


The website is completely owned by your company after full payment has been secured.