Our History: Our Past & Future

Although we’re not the oldest firm in the area, our business has existed in one form or another for quite some time. Started in 2006 under the name Freelance Designs, founder Zachary Sweebe worked to provide local businesses with websites that were “both visually appealing and functional”.┬áLater, the business grew into a full-service tech-consulting firm, offering company-specific solutions that simply could not be matched by other web design companies.

After realizing that both large and small businesses were in serious need of tech-consulting, Zachary founded Caulfield & Co with then-partner Nick Ober. Together, they brought fresh designs and innovative solutions to their corporate clients by working directly with clients to ensure that the final product would fit their existing workflow.

Today, Caulfield & Co exists as a full-service web firm, handling all of our client’s computer needs, from purchasing to database management, from web design to full web applications. We’ve worked with businesses large and small: industrial printers, law firms, entrepreneurs, jewelers, authors, and even the occasional pet-business.

No matter what your needs are, rest assured that Caulfield & Co is prepared to deliver project success to your company, time after time.