Social Media: Get Into The Conversation

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Digg.

Chances are you’ve heard of these websites before, and maybe you’ve tried to get on some of them, but if you want to make Social Media Channels truly work for you, you’re going to need either a marketing genius or a tech expert to make it happen.

Luckily for you, we’re both.

Our company has done some cutting-edge work on Social Media Marketing in the past, and after reading countless publications and experimenting with what we have learned, our results were submitted in the form of a peer-reviewed scholarly report. There’s a lot of talk out there about Social Media Channels, and that can lead to a lot of false information. We know what Social Media Marketing is, and isn’t, designed to accomplish, and after spending years researching the best Social Media techniques, we are happy to share our secrets with you.

We are prepared to provide the following services for your business:

Formal Presentation or Lecture: Over the course of our presentation, we will take you step-by-step through the world of Social Media Channels and explain exactly what you need to do in order to create a unified brand image on these sites. We will field any questions that you might have for our presentation staff, and will leave you with a report that reviews everything we covered in the presentation and more. This is an ideal option for groups such as business organizations, chambers of commerce, and mid-size companies who are looking to stay in touch with the changing landscape of internet marketing. At the end of the presentation, you can contact us in order to take the Social Media Marketing examination, after which you will be presented a signed certificate which qualifies you as a Social Media Marketing Expert.

Company-Specific Collaboration: While our presentation covers a great breadth of topics, you will see more effective results if we work with you to develop a personalized Social Media Marketing Strategy. You will be personally educated in order to become a Social Media Marketing Expert, then together we will discuss your company identity and brainstorm creative ways that we can showcase that identity through Social Media Channels. This option is the most exciting choice, as it puts you right inside the thinking process of other Social Media Marketing Experts, giving you a greater understanding of what we do, and offering you a chance to bring your own ideas to the creative table. This is a great option for a company or individual that has a strong brand identity and is looking for a chance to get their feet wet and learn some valuable skills along the way.

Social Media Outsourcing: If you feel like all this Social Media Marketing is too much for you, and you would just like to leave it to the experts, our team can also personally manage all of your Social Media needs, letting you get back to running your business. Paid on a monthly or yearly basis, we will create and distribute original content relevant to your field, and will utilize all of our knowledge in Social Media Marketing in order to give you the best results. This option is best for a company that does not have the time to learn all the details of Social Media Marketing, but would still like to experience the benefits that this technology brings.

If you’re not contributing to social media, you’re not part of the conversation.