Web Development: Let Your Site Do The Work

Ever caught yourself saying “I wish my site could…” ?

Well wish no more! If you need it, we can build it!

Most of our clients wish they had:

  • Customized features to an existing open-source program
  • Seamless integration into all the key social media websites
  • Native media and high-end web presentation capabilities
  • Features which incorporate many aspects of their other business functions

If you find yourself thinking this is for you, you’re right. But don’t fret: just sit back and relax, this is the kind of stuff we deal with all the time. Our specialty is interactive and database-driven applications, built as plug-ins to your existing set-up. We know all the neat programming languages and acronyms, and can build you a custom feature at a great price. We’ve got a great history of work too, having pioneered secure plug-ins for the most-reliable payment gateways on the market.

Project Management

Managing a coding project is a lot harder than making sure all the pieces are in the right place: more often your pieces are from different puzzles, and the picture isn’t on the box. Why stress? Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Simply put: If there’s a team in the market that can handle your project, it’s us. Whether coding directly with our own in-house developers, or managing your existing team and working as a project-management liason to your executive members, we’ve got the skills, talent, and experience to clearly convey your message and get the job done on-time and on-budget. Whether your team is local, or in some remote part of nepal, we will satisfy.

Not sure we can handle the job? Try us.

Want to make an entire application from the ground up? We do that too.